The Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2020

This is the ultimate SEO checklist for webmasters. If you are looking for a comprehensive checklist to follow and optimize your website for Google in 2020, then you just found the right place.

Our SEO checklist is complete and covers all areas of SEO including SEO basics, technical SEO, on-page SEO, keyword research, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, and mobile SEO.The

Complete SEO Checklist for 2020

  1. Understand basic SEO concepts and key terms
  2. Add and verify your website with Google Search Console
  3. Add and verify your website with Bing Webmaster tools
  4. Setup Google Analytics and learn how to use basic SEO reports
  5. Check for Google penalties
  6. Check your permalink structure and make your URLs SEO Friendly
  7. Install SSL and make sure that your website is https
  8. Check the ‘Coverage Report’ in Google search console for errors
  9. Check and optimize your robots.txt file
  10. Check WordPress visibility settings
  11. Check your comment settings and make sure that all comment links are ‘nofollow’
  12. Optimize your menu and site structure
  13. Optimize your XML sitemap and submit to Search engines
  14. Check for sitemap errors in Google Search Console
  15. Add structured data markup data to your homepage
  16. Test your structured data markup implementation
  17. Enable breadcrumb menus on all your posts and pages
  18. Check that your schema implementation for breadcrumbs is correct
  19. Check that all your pages define a canonical URL
  20. Implement hreflang if your website is available in more than one language
  21. Check and optimize your 404 Page
  22. Check and improve the loading speed of your website
  23. Use Lazy Loading for images and videos
  24. Optimize your logo and favicon
  25. Optimize your page titles (including the homepage)
  26. Optimize your meta descriptions (including the homepage)
  27. Check for your brand name on Google
  28. Optimize your website for Google sitelinks
  29. Optimize your posts for Google sitelinks
  30. Optimize your posts for Google featured snippets using lists
  31. Check and optimize the H1 tag for all pages (including the homepage)
  32. Check and optimize your page headings
  33. Make sure that your target keyword is included in your opening paragraph
  34. Add text content to accompany your non-text content
  35. Optimize your content for E-A-T
  36. Beautify your content (formatting and styling) and make it easy to read
  37. Optimize your images
  38. Create dedicated image sitemap and submit to Google
  39. Optimize your videos and other multimedia elements (with proper schemas)
  40. Create a dedicated Video sitemap and submit to Google
  41. Optimize titles/description/content of your category pages
  42. Check your internal linking strategy
  43. Give credit to other high-quality websites
  44. Understand what are SEO Keywords
  45. Understand what are long-tail keywords
  46. Learn how to perform keyword research
  47. Learn how to use the outcome of keyword research to optimize your content
  48. Learn what is link building and why it’s important
  49. Learn the basic link building concepts
  50. Get links from high authority websites (11 methods)
  51. Review your link profile to identify and remove bad links
  52. Optimize your logo for local SEO
  53. Add NAP information (Name, Address, Phone Number) on ALL your pages
  54. Make sure that NAP information is consistent across all channels
  55. Add a Google map in the contact information page
  56. Register your company with Google My Business
  57. Use Schema to give more information about your local business to Google
  58. Register your website with relevant directories (examples included
  59. Encourage and reply to every single review on all platforms
  60. Seek mentions (links) from the local press)
  61. Run the Google mobile friendly test
  62. Check your mobile speed using different tools
  63. Test your mobile website on different resolutions
  64. Check popup usage on mobile
  65. Check that your CTA on mobile are visible and easy to access
  66. Consider implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages


Having a checklist is a great way to work on your SEO. What you read in our SEO checklist above covers almost all areas of SEO.

If you manage to make your website compliant with all the above items, then you can feel confident that your website is in good SEO shape and this will eventually translate to higher rankings and more traffic.

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